Clever Integration Setup Guide

To set up the Sadlier Connect Clever integration, you will need to be a Clever District Admin. 

Sadlier Connect currently does not use a District Admin account and the app does not recognize Clever District Admins. School admins must be included in the Clever roster under the "Staff" role in order to be rostered into Sadlier Connect as a school administrator.  Please review this article for Steps to create a Custom Record in Clever.

Before starting this integration, Sadlier Connect must be prepared for the coming school year.  Please follow the steps for a New School Year Rollover so that your roster can sync correctly once integration is completed.

Add the App to Clever

You have been sent an invitation to integrate with Sadlier Connect.  

When sent an invitation, the district account owner will receive an email with the invitation request. 

The email will have the subject "Set Up Sadlier Connect". It will provide useful information such as the name of the app, a custom message from the app, and a link to accept the invitation.

You will also need to Share Clever data with the Application. For more information on sharing data, please see this Clever help Article.

Once the integration is enabled, you will receive a confirmation email that the integration is complete.  

All students, teachers, and Clever School Administrators must sign in using the Clever App on the district page.  You will not be able to log into Sadlier Connect directly.

Rostering of classes will occur in the overnight sync. Teachers may access any available products about 10-15 minutes after the integration has been completed.

For addition information please see Sadlier Connect with the Clever integration.

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