Clever Integration Setup Guide

To set up the Sadlier Connect Clever integration, you will need Admin rights for Sadlier Connect and Clever. 

If you are the Clever Admin but not the Sadlier Connect admin, you may need to send the Clever District IDs and Clever school IDs to the Sadlier Connect admin so they can complete the section "Manage Clever Integration in Sadlier Connect" below.

Sadlier Connect doesn't match Clever in the use of Districts currently and the  app does not recognize Clever District Admins. School admins must be included in the Clever roster under the "Staff" role in order to be rostered into Sadlier Connect as a school administrator.
Before starting this integration, Sadlier Connect must be prepared for the coming school year.  Please follow the steps for a New School Year Rollover so that your roster can sync correctly once integration is completed.

Add the App to Clever

1. Log in to Clever as an administrator and navigate to the Applications. We have a couple of older applications in Clever, so please, make sure you choose the one listed with "SSO, Rostering" under the app name.

the integration team at Sadlier Connect monitors requests regularly, but an email reply helps speed up the turnaround time.

You will also need to Share Clever data with the Application. For more information on sharing data, please see this Clever help Article.

Retrieve the District ID From Clever

2. Click into the Application and Click the Data Browser option in the navigation menu.

3. The District ID is at the top of the page.

Retrieve the School ID from Clever

4.  Choose Data Browser from the navigation menu.

5. Choose the school listed under the Schools tab.

6. Copy the "Clever ID" for the school under the details tab.

Manage Clever Integration in Sadlier Connect

7. Go to your school's Sadlier Connect custom website address (this may be labeled CURL in some documents) and log in with Sadlier Connect school admin rights.

8. Go to the settings and select Manage Clever Integration.
On the Manage Clever Integration screen, the School field appears editable; however, it is not. 

9. Enter your School's Clever ID, District ID and check the Enabled box.  

Once this is enabled and you log out, you cannot log in directly with your custom website address like you did in step 6 above.

All students, teachers, and Clever School Administrators must sign in using the Clever App.

You will need to repeat steps 6-9 for each school you are integrating.

Rostering of classes will occur in the overnight sync. Teachers may access any available products about 10-15 minutes after you enable and save the Sadlier Connect Manage Clever Integration settings.

Here is a link to helpful information for Sadlier Connect with the Clever integration.

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