Using Clever Custom Data to get user into Sadlier as a School Admin

If a user needs school Admin access on Sadlier Connect, the Clever Admin may need to add their accounts in Clever to the Sadlier Connect App sharing rules with the school staff role. You can add them as custom data if the Student Information System (SIS) does not include them in the sync process.

  • As the Clever Admin, go to Support tools in the left navigation menu.
  • Select Custom Data. In the top right corner, use the Add Custom Data button and select the user type School Staff.
  • Make sure to associate them with all the individual schools they need to access. 
    • Association with only the district will not work at this time because we don't have a District admin role yet.
  • Fill in the information necessary. Then go to sharing rules for the app and include them in the sharing.
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