Canvas Gradesync

A Canvas integrated Sadlier Connect course has the ability for automatic grade sync as well as manual grade sync to the Canvas course gradebook for assignments that are saved and shared to Canvas.  For guidance with saving and sharing assignments to Canvas, please review this article.

Assignments that have been saved and shared to Canvas can have grades synced back to the Canvas Gradebook.  Go to the Assignments list in Sadlier Connect.

Only graded assignments can have grades synced to the Canvas gradebook.  Use the filters on the assignments page to find the assignments you want to sync.  Apply the filters to see the results.

Click the "Sync Grades to Canvas" button to send grades immediately to Canvas (there may be some delay depending on server speeds).

If you would like grades to sync automatically each day, place a checkmark next to "Enable Auto Grade Sync for my Classes".  Available grades will sync for all classes and shared assignments each night.

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