Canvas Save and Share Assignments

The Sadlier Connect Canvas integration now includes the ability to Save and Share Sadlier Connect Assignments to the teacher's Canvas Course Assignment Group and Modules of their choice.

On the Sadlier Connect "Create Assignment" Screen, when teachers click the "Save & Share to Canvas" button, a new set of options are available.

Sharing to Assignments Only

If you leave Assignments in the "Select a Location..." option, you can select an Assignment group (you will see the Assignment Groups from your Canvas course).

The Canvas Assignment Group selected is "Vocab Practice" in this screenshot.
Here is what the Canvas Assignment groups look like in Canvas after sharing.
If you do not select an assignment group, the item will go to the Assignment group at the top of your list in Canvas.

No Assignment Groups were selected in this screenshot, so all the assignments default to "Assignments" at the top.

Sharing to Modules and Assignment Group

If you do not have any Modules in your Canvas course, and you select modules in Sadlier Connect, you will be prompted to return to Canvas and create modules.

The message is highlighted in yellow in the screenshot shown and includes a link to Canvas instructions on creating Modules.

WARNING! Your Canvas Course does not include any modules. Please return to your Canvas course to add modules. Click here for more information on Canvas Modules. 

You can add Sadlier Connect to your Canvas Modules regardless of the "Publish" status in Canvas and select an Assignment Group.

Below, you can see Unit 8: Synonyms was shared to a published module, and Unit 13: Synonyms is in an unpublished module.

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