ClassLink New School Year Rostering Guide

ClassLink New School Year Rostering Guide

Each new school year a new roster must be integrated into Classlink and then exported to Sadlier Connect so that current Staff, Faculty and Students can access the online materials for the coming school year.

Before you connect your new roster to Classlink:
1.  Sign in to ClassLink and select Management Console from the hamburger menu icon.

2. Choose Roster Server from the Navigation menu on the left.

3. Choose Apps at the top of the page.

4. Click on the more actions gear icon for the Sadlier Connect Roster app.

5. Click File Exports from the Left Navigation Menu

  • Scroll down to Schedule Details
  • Disable the scheduled export by toggling to Disabled.

6. Once you have a new roster for the coming school year in place, refresh your school in Sadlier Connect by Rolling over to a New School Year
Then follow the above steps and on the Schedule Details screen, re-enable the schedule by toggling to Enabled.


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