Schoology Integration Setup

Schoology integration allows customers to import teachers and classes (along with students' accounts in the class) to Sadlier Connect. In addition, the integration enables teachers to share assignments to Schoology and pass grades from Sadlier Connect back to the Schoology grade book. 

To complete the steps below, you must have a Sadlier Connect admin account and Schoology Admin rights.

Before starting this integration, Sadlier Connect must be prepared for the coming school year.  Please follow the steps for a New School Year Rollover so that your roster can sync correctly once integration is completed.

Schoology Consumer Key and Secret

1. Log in to Schoology with Admin rights.

2. Click on the Tools tab and select School Management from the menu.

3. Click Integration from the menu on the left.
4. Select the API tab.

In the image shown on the right, the Schoology Admin already generated an API key.

If you have not generated a key yet, you may see the Request API Key instead. Please click the   Request API Key button as shown below:

5. Copy your Consumer Key and Secret

Reply to your Sadlier Connect Schoology integration email with the Key and Secret. 

We will update your account so you can proceed to the next step.

Sadlier Connect LTI Consumer Key and Secret

6. Once we apply the API Consumer Key and Secret to your Sadlier Connect account, you will see a new settings option, Manage Schoology Integration in the menu.
On the Manage Schoology Integration screen, you will see your API Consumer Key and Secret and your Sadlier Connect LTI Key and secret.

7.  Copy the LTI Consumer Key and Secret. You will need these for the last step in completing the integration.

Create a Sadlier Connect App in Schoology

8. Return to Schoology (logged in with Admin rights).

9. Navigate to the App Center.

10. Click My Developer Apps.

11. Click the Add App button.
12. Settings 
Here are the settings in the first part of the Add Schoology App page:
  • Type of app: LTI App. 
  • Uncheck the "Launch app in Schoology" box.
  • App Name: Sadlier Connect.
  • Enter a description.
  • Choose a category.
  • The level is optional.
  • Recommended: Select all roles, Instructor, Student, and Admin.

Settings continued:

Custom Parameters and the boxes below it can be left as they are and leave price blank.

13. App Logo
You can download the Sadlier Connect logo here to upload for your Schoology App.

14. Check the box next to " This application meets the Schoology Terms of Use" and click the Submit button.

Configure the Developer App in Schoology

15. Return to the App Center and click on My Developer App to find your newly created app.

16. Click the Install LTI App button on the row for Sadlier Connect.
17. Click the I Agree on the confirmation message.
18. Click the Add to Organization option.
19. This will bring you to the list of all Organization Apps. Click the Configure button on the row for Sadlier Connect.
20. Paste the Sadlier Connect LTI Consumer Key and Secret you copied in step 7, and then click the Save settings button.
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