ClassLink Integrations Setup Guide

Sadlier Connect ClassLink Set Up

Before starting this integration, Sadlier Connect must be prepared for the coming school year.  Please follow the steps for a New School Year Rollover so that your roster can sync correctly once integration is completed.

Testing Environment

When we first set up ClassLink, we need to verify that the information sent processes properly on our server. We have a testing environment we use to run tests, and this also provides us with the information required to configure the final details on the Sadlier Connect platform.

Assign the Sadlier Connect Application

1. Sign in to ClassLink and select Management Console from the hamburger menu icon.

2. Expand the Applications option in the menu on the left and select Add & Assign Apps.

3. If you do not see the Sadlier App listed, Click App Library.

3.a Search for it Sadlier and hit enter. 
3.b Click the "Add" button on the Sadlier app.

4. Click the Assign button for the Sadlier app.

5. Assign to students, teachers, and admins. When the app is assigned you will see the add button change to remove.

Setting up Roster Server

1. Check to see if Sadlier Roster is already added
  • Expand roster server on the Management console menu and click Manage.
  • If the Sadlier Roster app is not there, search for the Sadlier Roster app and add it.  Then choose the legacy type and choose legacy custom permissions on the following screen.
  • If the App is already there, click the legacy type and choose legacy custom permissions.

Configure your data sharing preferences by specifying which user groups, schools, and courses you would like to grant access to Sadlier Connect
  • In the menu on the left, toggle the Advanced option.
    • General - Select Custom Permissions
    • Orgs - Select the district and any schools in the district that will be using Sadlier Connect. We do not recommend including schools that will not use the Sadlier Connect program. The district must be included for the roster zip file to process on the Sadlier Connect side.
    • Courses - Select the courses using Sadlier Connect.
    • Classes - The courses dependency takes care of populating classes
    • Roles - Select Admin, Student, and Teachers
    • Users - The dependency from the above selection takes care of populating the users, however, the file will not process if a user is associated with the district org ID.  All users need to be associated with a school(s).  Users cannot be associated with the District.
    • Resources - The dependency from the above selection takes care of populating the resources

Select Add App & Exit (or Save & Exit if in step 3 you found it already added)

Return to Apps and locate the Sadlier Roster app from your list of applications.  
  • Open the More Actions menu by selecting the gear icon on the far right. 
  • Select Filter Fields

We do not need users' phone numbers. For security compliance purposes, please do the following:
  • Select the Users tab
  • Deselect the phone option
  • Click the Save Button

Return to Apps and on the Sadlier Roster app, click the gear icon and select File Export from the left menu.

Fill in the SFTP Server Details and Authentication Details as provided by Sadlier Connect for our QA environment.

In the Path field enter:

The Server Details are consistent for all ClassLink setups. Port will default to 22, but if it doesn't, please enter it manually.
10. The Authentication Details are specific to the information provided by the Sadlier Connect Integrations Team.

Under File Details, select the Export Template OneRoster v1p1 and enable the Zipped option.

Click the Send Now button to send your roster files to our QA environment and click save.

Please reply to the email you received with the QA Credentials to let us know we can begin testing the processing on our server.

Production Environment

Once we verify successful sync on the Sadlier Connect QA environment, we will send you the Sadlier Connect Production Environment credentials via email. Once you receive the Production Environment credentials, please do the following:
1. Return to Apps, and click the More Actions icon: 

2. Select Export Settings from the menu.
3. Edit the Authentication Details to match the Live site Credentials sent.
4. Scroll down to the Schedule Details and enable the option.
5. Under "On Days," check each day. Please enter a time before 1 AM Eastern time, so your zip file is on the server when Sadlier Connect processes the files.
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