Google Classroom Integration Academic

This document will walk you through setting up your SadlierConnect integration with Google Classroom. These instructions require Admin access to the Google Organization for the students and teachers using Sadlier Connect.  Before you start, please check you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have admin rights to your school’s Google Admin console and Developer console.
  • Sadlier Connect has been purged of previous school years’ users and data. Click here for more information.
  • Your Sadlier Connect Administrator account is set up with your Google Org Email address as your username.

Please be careful if you copy and paste not to add any leading or trailing spaces.

Section 1 - Single Sign-On App Setup

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Apps tile. 
  3. Click the Web and Mobile Apps tile. 
    If a message pops up stating, “App management is moving,” click the “Got It” option.

  4. Click “Add App" and select "Add custom SAML app."
  5. Enter the application name. We recommend Sadlier Connect
  6. Add an icon image.   Upload the SadlierConnect logo file.  Click Continue. 
  7. Click the “Download Metadata” button. In Section 3, you will upload this file to Sadlier Connect.
  8. In the Service Provider Details, enter the following: On the Attribute Mapping screen, click Finish.
  9. ACS URL:
    Entity ID:
    Start URL:   Leave this Blank
    Signed Response: Check this box
    Name ID Format: EMAIL
    Name ID: Select “Basic information” and Primary Email.”
    Click Continue.

  10. On the Attribute Mapping screen, click Finish.
  11. Click “User access.”
  12. Change Service status to “On for everyone.”

Section 2 - API Client ID and Secret Setup

  1. Go to the address and log in.
  2. Click the Project button.
  3. The label of the button will be specific to your organization.
  4. Click New Project.

  5. The Select From label will be specific to your organization.

    If you do not see an Organization or Location in step 4 below, please visit for more information.

  6. Give your project a name. We recommend SadlierRoster.
  7. Review the Organization and Location for accuracy. These are generally the organization’s domain.

    Click Create.
  8. Make sure the new Project appears in the menu.
  9. Go to the Library
  10. Search “Classroom” in the search bar.
  11. Click the Google Classroom API result.

    Click the Enable button.
  12. Return to the library(see step 6 for navigation).
  13. Search “Admin” in the search bar.

    Click the Admin SDK API result.

    Click the Enable button.

  14. Go to the OAuth consent screen.
  15. Set the User Type to Internal.

  16. Click Create.
    APP Information

  17. For App name, we recommend Sadlier Connect.

    Choose a support email address from your list.
    This is specific to email addresses associated with your org.

    Upload the SadlierConnect logo file.
  18. App Domain

  19. Enter the following:
  20. Application home page:

    Application privacy policy link:

    Application terms of service link:
    Authorized Domains

  21. Click the + Add Domain button and enter
  22. Developer Contact

  23. Enter your email address and others you want to be notified of if changes are made to this application in your Google Org.

    Click Save and Continue
  24. Scopes

  25. Click Add or Remove Scopes
  26. Ensure all scopes are listed by changing the default list view from 10 to 100. Click the box at the top of the table to select all scopes.

    Click the Update button and then the Save and Continue button.
  27. Go to Credentials
  28. Click + Create Credentials and select OAuth client ID.
  29. Select Web Application from the Application Type menu.
  30. Enter a name. We recommend SadlierConnectGC.
  31. Click the Add URI button.
  32. It is the second Add URI button on the page.
  33. Enter
  34. If you receive a failed message, try typing the entire address manually. 

    Click Create and OK on the pop-up to confirm.

  35. Under OAuth 2.0 Client IDs, click the download icon. The downloaded file will be used in section 4.

  36. Then click the copy icon to the left of the download icon. This will be pasted in Section 3. If you cannot move on to Section 3 and want to return later, please paste the Client ID somewhere you can access it when you return to complete Section 3, step 7.

Section 3 - Configure New App Security

You will need the copied Client ID from Section 2, step 23.

  1. Return to the Admin Console at

  2. Click on the Security tile.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the API Controls tile.

  4. Click the Manage Third-Party APP Access link.

  5. Click the + Add a Filter button and select App Name. Enter "Sadlier" (without the quotation marks) for the search and click the Apply button.

    If you find the app listed, skip to Section 4. If it is not found, continue in this section with step 6.

  6. Click Configure New App and select  OAuth App Name or Client ID,

  7. In the search, past the Client ID obtained in Section 2, step 23. Click the Search button.

  8. Select the Sadlier App using the Select button that appears to the right when you mouse over it.

  9. Check the box next to the Client ID and then the Select button in the lower right corner.

  10. Select Trusted and click the Configure button.

Section 4 - Enabling SSO in Sadlier Connect

  1. Log in to with your Sadlier Admin Account.
  2. Click the Sadlier Settings Icon in the top right corner and select Manage Google Classroom.
  3. Change the status from Disabled to Enabled.

  4. Under Setup, select “enable Single Sign-on and Rostering” on the right.

  5. Click Choose File on the left. Upload the file you downloaded in section 1, step 6, named GoogleIDPMetadata by default.
  6. Click Choose File on the right. Upload the JSON file download in Section 2, step 23, with client_secret in the name. Click Save.

  7. Click the Sadlier Settings Icon in the top right corner and Select Manage Administrators.

  8. If your username is not your Google Org email address, click the edit icon and select edit next to your admin account.
  9. If your username is already your email address, you can move to step 11 below.

  10. Edit your username to an email address.

  11. At the top of the screen, click the down arrow next to your name to log out.

Section 5 - Testing the App

We recommend testing the login from the Google App Menu using an incognito window.
The keyboard shortcuts to open an Incognito window are: 

Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n. 

Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n.

Go to the Google Waffle App Menu. You can find it on any Google website in the top right corner next to your user account icon.
The Sadlier Connect Icon looks like the icon shown on the right here, but the color may differ.
The first time you access the App, you will need to Allow it on the consent screen. The Allow button is at the bottom. Teachers and students will also get a similar page the first time they log in.

You will land on the Sadlier Connect bookshelf page.

For help with Importing teachers and classes, please visit see our Admin Quick Start Guide.

You can also direct your teachers to the Teacher Quick Start Guide.

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