Classlink Transform User Roles

Users synced from the Student Information System (SIS) to Classlink may need different access / role in Sadlier Connect.
Users designated as "teacher" in the SIS may need "Admin" access to Sadlier Connect.
To change the user role in Classlink, you can transform the role in the Preprocessor.  Open Roster Server in Classlink and under Settings, select Preprocessor.

Edit the enabled configuration (often it's the default) and click "users" in the navigation menu on the left.

   Expand the Transform Fields section.
  • The Action is Modify
  • The Field is Role
  • The Source Field is SourceID
  • Enter the Source ID to be transformed.

Post Fix changes should be "admin role priority" only.

Save the changes and return to the Roster Server main page.

Select Imports from the navigation menu at the top. 

Run a complete import to affect the changes.

Changes made in the Preprocessor will take affect Sadlier Connect after the next overnight sync.

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