Clever Sharing Rules

Once you have Clever integrated with Sadlier Connect, we advise that you set up sharing rules so that only the data you want synced will be available. 

Edit Sharing Rules

Clever Admins can click the Edit Sharing button on the overview page to get started.

Choose Sharing Method

If this is your first time editing sharing rules, click 1.  Choose Sharing Method.  

You can share by school or district.  You can also share by specific information such as section, subject or user.  

If you choose by specific information, you will need to add a rule regarding the type of data made available.

Click Add Rule to create a new rule.

Writing a Rule

If you choose to share by specific information, you can choose the type of information you make available.

Designate how you want that information identified to be shared.  For example, you can share specific teachers using the SIS ID.  You can add additional rules.

Follow the prompts to review and share with Sadlier Connect.

Editing existing rules

You can edit existing rules or add new ones as your sharing requirements change.  On the Overview page in Clever, click Edit Sharing and follow the prompts.  Specific rules can be removed or edited.

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