Google Classroom Expired or Malformed Certificate

Google Apps have expiration dates on their associated certificates.  Duplicate or incomplete certificates can also generate a Malformed Certificate error.  Expired and malformed certificates must be renewed by the Google admin so the app can once again be accessed.   

As the Google Super Admin, go to
Click Apps from the admin menu on the left and choose Web and Mobile Apps.

In the list, click Sadlier Connect and under "Service Provider Details" check the expiration date.  You can also make sure the ACS URL and Entity ID are correct.

If the expiration date is passed due, click the expand icon in the upper right hand corner.  

Click Manage Certificates and add a new certificate.
Once created, click the trash can for the expired certificate.

Return to Apps on the admin menu and click Web and Mobile Apps
Click Sadlier Connect and under details make sure it is "On for Everyone"

Return to the admin menu and click Security -> Access and Data Controls and then click API Controls.

Choose Manage Third Party Apps

Sadlier Connect should be marked as trusted.  If it's not, click "change access" by hovering over the row.

Select Trusted and Click Change.

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