Google Classroom - Managing Multiple Accounts

Many school administrators and teachers have multiple accounts in Google to access all their resources. It's essential to log into the browser and using the same email address to ensure proper access to services and materials.

Suppose you are logged into your browser using an account and must remain logged in for access to vital services and resources. In that case, there are two ways of accessing materials using a secondary account. Use an alternate browser window or an Incognito or Private window.

Choose an Alternate Browser
Choose from these supported browsers:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

Use an Incognito or Private Window

Incognito Browsing in Chrome
1. Right-click the Chrome icon on the desktop or toolbar.
Choose the New Incognito window option.

Private Browsing in Firefox
2. Right-click the Firefox window on the desktop or toolbar.
Click the New private window option.

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