Canvas Class Import

Sadlier Connect now offers the ability to import your Canvas Course as a Sadlier Connect class, and the Canvas sections become groups of your Sadlier Connect Class. This article covers what to expect when selecting the new import option.

  • Current users with active Sadlier Connect classes should wait until a marking period ends to delete their Sadlier Connect Classes and import them with the new import feature.
  • When you are ready to import, you will need to delete all your Sadlier Connect Classes, log out, and log in again to import and see the new option.

Here is a screenshot of the "Choose Canvas Import Option" screen:

Importing from Canvas

In the Canvas example used for this document:

  • The default section is not present
  • There are two sections, First Period and Second Period
  • The same teacher teaches both sections
  • Each section has one student enrolled

Click on the Sadlier Connect Link in your Canvas Course Navigation.

Go to Manage Classes.

In this teacher account, there are no classes, and the teacher just logged in. This is important because the option is sticky.
  • If you delete all your classes and try to import without logging out, you might not receive the prompt for the import options.
Click the "Import from Canvas" button.

Select the first option, "Import Canvas Course as a Sadlier Connect class and make Canvas Sections Sadlier Connect Class groups", and click Confirm.

You will see your Canvas Course Name, but you will not see sections.

The class name ends up truncated with more than 14 or 15 characters. Mouse over the class name to see it fully.

Select your course and click the "Import" button.
The Manage Classes shows the Class with two students and two groups. 

The Canvas course imported has two students, one in each section.

Canvas Assignments and Grades

When you use the Classes with groups class import option, you can still assign to only one of your Canvas sections, if you want to, by selecting a group in the Sadlier Connect Create Assignment screen.

When you assign to the class without selecting a group:
  • The assignment will be available to all students in the class regardless of their section
  • The assignment will be listed in the Canvas assignments and/or modules once
  • The assignment will be listed once in the grade book

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