Clever Integration Use

What to Expect After Enabling Clever Integration

Once the integration is enable, all users will need to access Sadlier Connect through the dashboard in Clever.  The Sadlier Connect app can be found under the District Page.  Users can click the heart icon next to the Sadlier Connect app to place the app under favorites on their Teacher Page.

We disable the manual login to drive customers to the integration app. If a Sadlier Connect teacher, admin, or student navigates to the manual login page, they will receive the following message,  "Your school has disabled this login. You should contact your technology coordinator to login."  If a user sees this, they should go to Clever and access the app from their dashboard.

User and Class management settings are also disabled because changes need to come from the nightly sync. Sadlier Connect admins and teachers will only have the ability to view users under "gear" icon:

Teachers with one class will see the class name in the red banner. Teachers with multiple classes will see the following (with their name and classes, not the example demo information shown here):
We designate Clever School Staff as Sadlier Connect admins. As a Sadlier admin, you can run reports for each school and assign content on behalf of a teacher. If you add someone with the role of school staff to each school in Clever, you can impersonate that user to perform any administrative tasks necessary. Here is what the admin will see under the gear icon:

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