Google Classroom Teacher Quick Start

First Time Login

Go to the Google Waffle App Menu found on any Google website in the top right corner next to your user account icon.

The Sadlier Connect Icon may look different than the image shown on the right. It may be a different color or the Sadlier Connect Logo.

The first time you access the App, you will need to
Allow on the consent screen. The Allow button is at the bottom. Students will also get a similar page the first time they log in.

Send your classroom invite to students

Before you can import your classes into Sadlier Connect, your students must be in the Google Classroom Classes.
Once you create your classes in Google Classroom, go to your Classroom settings and copy the invite link. 
Email the link to all the students in your class.

Importing Your Classes

From the dashboard, click the settings icon in the top right and select manage classes.

From the Manage Classes screen, click Import and select Import from Google.

Any Google Classrooms you are the owner of will populate in the window. Click the box icon on the far right of all classes you want to import and click the Import button at the bottom of the table. The import function pulls in the class and students in the class into Sadlier Connect.


Assigning an Item

From your Library, select the book you want to assign Content to your Google Classroom.
Choose a Chapter or Unit from the left frame to see the content within that section. Click the Assign icon to the right of the content item.
On the Create Assignment Screen, Select your class.
The Section and Resources are populated based on the item you clicked the Assign button from on the previous page.
You can edit the assignment name, start date, and end date.
The Available Answers option may vary based on the type of assignment.
At the bottom of the page is a list of all students*. The selection, by default, includes all students. You can limit the students who receive the assignment by unchecking them.
The “Save” button saves the assignment only to Sadlier Connect.
The “Save & Share to Google” button saves to Sadlier Connect and shares to Google Classroom.

 *If you do not see any students, but in Manage Classes you see an accurate student count, the license may need to be applied to the class by your school's Sadlier Connect

Viewing Assignments  

Students and teachers will see the assigned item in the class Stream and the Classwork tabs.

As the teacher, you can view the assignments in the Assignment List. The button is in the top right of Sadlier Connect.

Assignments shared with Google Classroom have the Google Classroom icon next to them.
The Assignments List screen has a button to Sync Grades to Google Classroom. Grade sync is not automated, so the button needs to be pressed to push the grades to Google.
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